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FOX News
Dec 15, 2012 11:00pm PST
of who and what good is. he is strong and capable x. focus on heaven. there is nothing in the baseball suggest would the abseps of pain. his life was understanded on a cross. and god took a slaughter of the 99s and crus fiction of the savor and turned it noto acts for the savior. there is nothing good but he will turn it in to something to be redentive. ntheir kids saw it on the television and reading and talking about. how would you recommepped that a parent sit down with a son or daughter and stay you don't have to be afraid to go to school this will not happen to you, monopolied. >> that is it a great question, governor. i would say this is it bad . this is it bad. we live in a world there is not just good and bad. but there is it bad, this is it really bad. and help our children understand there is it bad in the world. there is a devil and a force of evil. and he's not going to win. his time is limited and he's on a short lease. our kids see evil every day and we need to tell thep vill is here. we assure them with our love and fection . and let thim see our tours and rection and ho
FOX News
Dec 19, 2012 12:00am PST
guess are you cheering this decision to the high heavens. >> timberlake should be blasted at all times everywhere for all of us. i wonder -- would it violate the first amendment rights if these were religious christmas carols? >> no. >> good. thank you for clearing that up. >> mo, isn't this one of the many, many instances where things are annoying and you can't make them illegal? >> gosh, i know i am supposed to love the bill of rights. it only applies to certain things. "sexy back" is great, but it is not like it is a great protest song. you are going to have to blast it loudly to annoy anyone. >> which could also explain why he was playing it loudly. if you could criminalize something, adam levine would not be walking around freely. >> there are a lot of things where you say why do you always try -- anyway. i am just going to answer the question i want to answer. >> sure. >> it is a safety issue. if someone can hear your music plainly from 25 feet away, when you are inseed your car and you are standing on the sidewalk your music is too loud. you cannot hear a siren or car horn or an
FOX News
Dec 22, 2012 12:00am PST
pig. first, a story about one direction. looks like i have died and gone to one direction heaven which is my basement filled with pictures of one direction. >>> that was not about me. clarify that. >> she turns rough if you puff. i speak of madonna, a proud owner of of a hover round. she said she would can sell a concert because of a fan who was smoking a cigarette in chile. tmz acquired the video. >> if are you going to smoke cigarettes, i am not doing this show. >> proof that madonna is actually sexier in layers. video from another angle surfaced showing whom madonna was yelling at. >> he is going to eat it too. did you see that? >> she was so pissed to see one of her ex-boyfriends there. >> no, you know who that was? that was billy idol. >> he was smoking with himself. >> did madonna overreact or under react. >> it is hysterical that she is dressed in a black hood like the grim reaper telling people not to smoke. it is raining, the cigarettes will go out. and third of all, wasn't she married to sean penn who was up to nine packs a day. >> she smoked. >> yes. >> so we are victims of
FOX News
Dec 6, 2012 12:00am PST
thrg is a heaven. anything i can have? >> sure, what do you want? >> oh my god. it is a fetus. no, kidding. how do you think this is going to happen? asteroid? tsunami? or zombie dinasaurs that will resurrect and eat us all. >> i like the zombie dinasaur. >> i am going asteroid. >> the goriest, bloodiest out going ever. >> how about a t rex? >> no. >> that's a correct answer. >> a louis vuitton bag. >> ding, ding, ding. is it a knockoff in -- bag? no one will know or care. >> just don't go on-line and tell my wife. >> is sounds like that is not for the wife. who is your favorite fox news personality? >> they all are. >> that was very diplomatic. >> imus in the morning. >> the correct sense a neil kavuto for $300. >> i do like him too. >> he is adorable. but the problem with kavuto, he is adorable and it ain't gonna save him. i don't care how much more money he makes, he is still going down. it is not your world with neil kavudo. nasa has been getting e-mails from people and they are trying to calm them down saying there is no science base to this. who are we supposed to believe? n
FOX News
Dec 8, 2012 12:00am PST
costumes with his bear feet sticking out saying how he will kill bane, heaven on earth, the punk unicorn. every day they give me wonderful gifts. i want to cry when i think of all of the people who don't have it. >> misery loves company. i hear that when they are with their wives or their wives are watching. but then i go to their wedding and what do i hear when they get in the corner? feed me. get me out of this living hell. these people #r* succeeding the life -- are suking the life out of me. i think she is seeing the post man. >> we we are all miserable and we all hate our marriages. is that what you are saying? >> try hugging a two-year-old. >> no, i will get arrested. >> you people with children spend way too much time justifying your -- yourselves. >> it was a question. i never brought it up. >> it goes on and on and on and moreover the study is nonsense. they only looked at people that went to ivf clinics. it is like asking if someone spends lots of money and is willing to risk their health to get something and then don't get it, will they be unhappy? it wasn't like a general stu
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)